Friday, July 07, 2006

Armed with Milkjugs

Today’s efforts at saving the world included some sign waving at a local intersection for a Catholic Democrat running for a county seat. Very pro-environment and anti-BGE, so gotta show some love there. Got a nice green campaign shirt and a free backyard BBQ. But what I really have to share would be the voice of the opposition party.

We had a white van from the EARLICK campaign looping around and yelling that Andrew sucked for about two hours, and then we had some other nut in a station wagon driving past us and holding out a milk jug cut up like a beggar’s can with the words on it “Get a JOB.” Very witty. First time I’ve ever been the target of Republican rudeness before, but I’ve heard of worse.

The most disturbing remark came from a just past the middle of his life black driver who yelled out the window, “I’m a minority!!” Now we spent some time trying to figure that one out. Andrew’s running against an all white field. Was this driver really saying that he couldn’t or wouldn’t vote for someone who was white??

Thursday, July 06, 2006

How Fast is a Moonbat Liberal??

Now that depends on the brand of condom. Let not all be in serious words here.