Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Plus a Day

So today I have found that the Washington Post is right that fear will not help you keep your new years resolutions. Rage will actually suffice. Good old fashion rage at other people: everyone whose been giving me trouble and making it harder for me to get better from my workplace injury, everyone who gave me a crappy and thoughtless gift on their blasted holiday, people on the road who do the speed limit in the high speed lane.

And the lastest con tactic centered around how to deal with the U.S. passing the milestone of 3,000 dead in Iraq. Accuse the liberals of celebrating it. I am a denzien of an online science fiction board where in a conversational thread new years morning I posted a simple link to the WaPost story headlining that the milestone had been passed on Sunday, ending the old year. No commentary, no remark on Bush, only that I was sad to see that it had happened. Our exchange is here. The Okay thread on Skiffy has certain member-rules on decorum, and certainly that breaks them. Beyond being horrific. Debate ensued across the board with the cons insisting he hadn't given offense, the libs being outraged that the cons were telling us that we were upset over nothing again, and the mods giving the usual morally smug lecture about how we both only talk like that particular con, so nothing we had to say was of value.

Here I am, keeping my new years resolution to restart this blogging effort, because a day later I am still mad. As hell. Something occured to me this morning as I started grinding my organic shade-grown fair trade coffee, that his reaction was a little... quick, and his duck out the door, quick. He knew he was going to get flamed for the horrible accusation he made, that liberals were happy and celebrating the deaths of all those soldiers in Iraq. So I went looking. I typed in "conservative blog" into Google, which gave me the 2006 Weblog awards, which saw the blog Little Green Footballs listed as the top favorite con blog for the year. And what do I find but the same "reaction." Peace Gouls Celebrate Soldiers Deaths What's more comforting, encounters with cons who have no original thoughts or the fact that they thought up how to find some political use after the 3,000 death milestone for their playbook??


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