Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Obama on Tape

So today I am going to complain about that $30 dollars that Barak Obama owes me, the cheap sleestak. Having gotten all the way through his 6 disc compliation of his book "Audacity to Hope," I have a) No idea what there is to have an audacity to hope about besides a future where we hand the Republicans the whole pot roast dinner so we can like the crumbs off their dinner napkins and b)I can't remember any good lines to sell him by, other than some vague idea he might have tried to be funny. Whatever. And now... he's running for President. And the Republicans are going to pay everyone to believe that he's Muslim because his middle name is the same as a recent Middle East dictator who we (sorry, the Iraqis) hung. You can watch the short and sweet CNN version here and see how many people think "Barak Osama" is a threat to the United States.

You can hear his remarkable soothing voice here although a mere hours later it doesn't seem to be on YouTube, unlike Edwards stuff. Obama goes on about the partisan divide in Washington, and about how it's leaders don' seem to be working together. Of course, there seems a far larger nonpartisan resistance to Bush's troop surge. Aside for a laugh: I watched Bush's interveiw tonight on PBS where he says "Iraq isn't a broken egg, it's a cracked egg." Yes, because when all of you find a cracked egg in the carton you think, I'll just eat it anyways given as it's not broken.

Likely there will be dire predictions on the part of the Cons that if we don't pick Obama as our candidate for the Democratic Party, we'll be shunned by the black vote. Of course, they'd like to dream that we don't get the black vote anyway, but the numbers are plain. It's not conceit, it's a nod to the intelligence of the black voter. That was plain in Maryland in November, when Cardin beat out Steele for the Senate, even though Republicans promised that Cardin would loose to the black Republican because Cardin defeated a black challenger in the primary. Yeah right. Steele lost by over 10 points and the people voting for him were white conservative men. Go figure. I also interestingly enough had a running post war on the BSG Skiffy board with two conservatives who promised me that Steele was going to head the RNC. Steele's still in an unemployment line somewhere.....

Obama does the Senate far better than he picks titles for his books, fortunately, and as it's noted his experience isn't a selling point, cause he has little. He's a good fellow to like, but after listening to him speak I didn't feel like running off to the polls and giving him money. Obama doesn't inspire, and he has nothing more to ask of the country besides that we allow him to teach us to "play nice." Um... Obama... about that $30..... cough it up.

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