Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blackwater Bloggers Plan to Hunt Down Liberals in USA

Blackwater has the guns and money to go to any means to save it's hold on the taxpayers' teat. For example, the issue of coverage in blogs, or shall we say, the fine art of creating a blog to promote your own company. Blackwater Facts which claims that "We're supporters of Blackwater USA, the heroic private security company that has lost more than two dozen of its own men while protecting American diplomats, VIPs and others in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. We set up this blog shortly after the September 16, 2007 incident in which terrorists attacked an American diplomatic convoy near Baghdad, because we were fed up with all the misleading media coverage." Right under the blog archives which allow you to read the April 23, 2006 post written to promote the idea of employing Blackwater as international peacekeepers instead of the United Nations. (LIE) Whoever Standish was, his blogger identity was last altered this month. The name choice likely refers to Captain Miles Standish, who gets referred to excitedly as private security contractor, but in truth he was an English Knight, first retained as the military captain of the Plymouth Pilgrims, and once they reached Plymouth, elected as military captain of the colony, much in the way that we elect Sherriffs.

"Standish" also boosts the blog with a link to another blog he/they set up, "About Blackwater." Set up September 24, 2007, it's one post is basically a wholesale copyright infringement of Blackwater's entire "about" section on it's website. As "friendly links," Standish includes the International Peace Operations Association and a mirror blog BlackwaterReporting, which you can follow throught to the original blog, FairReporting. All careful to claim they have no affiliation with Blackwater, except IPOA. The curious nature of Standish differs from sheer idiocy because BlackwaterFacts is a poison of a different sort: blog branding. Namely, when either employees pretend to be independent bloggers who just admire their company, or the company hires a branding company to pretend to be harmless "we love" bloggers. Standish's post of 5:09 Wednesday afternoon attracted the attention of TMR. After some 40 taunts and jibs, the blogger finally confessed:

I am a contractor for Blackwater and they are the best emplyoer I have ever had. My family is well provided for and I live the life of adventure, and defend freedom. You liberals are spinless lackeys of Islamist terror, and anti-free market biasd toward the liberal. I get all my information from real blogs not left wing and Fox News. America, rest easy, support your troops AND Blackwater. I fear that if you don't you will be sorry.


Moonbat isn't exaggerating about how common it is to hear these things declared in the comment sections for "we love" Blackwater blogs. Often, comments are made referrencing a coming civil war where conservatives will hunt down and purge America of all liberals. You won't find the above quotes in the comments section of BlackwaterFacts anymore. After two hours of onslaught by muckraking bloggers, the BlackwaterFacts threw up comment moderation, and finally today errased all of it's self-confessional comments, and all comments made to it's blog yesterday. Although like most of the other "we love" Blackwater blogs out there, which can be traced to brand marketing firms through their ISP numbers, as a creation, BlackwaterFacts gets some cover by a more low-brow approach. But the purpose of Blackwater facts becomes clear in the pages of it's own proflifferic blogging today, when it posts in self-congratulations for reaching the #1 of Google Blog Search for searches keyed to Blackwater. Or so it claims....

What people really are looking at isn't Google rank, by google blog search which ranks by relevance and date of the blog's posting. There is no number one slot, as it updates as each new entry is made. Even no name blogs can land the slot as the first blog in the search, if they were the newest blog published. When I began blogging today, Crooks and Liars had just bumped them off. And even now, they've been bumped off by a Media Matters for America story. An aside on the second story: In their coverage of the oversight hearings, USAToday and the LATimes both noted that Republicans united in defending Blackwater, but neither noted extensive campaign contributions by Blackwater executives or its founder, or the involvement of its founder with the conservative Council for National Policy, which supported Bush in his bid for the Presidency. I digress... So as soon as a new blog entry for "Blackwater" gets published by anyone with links, that new entry becomes the top of the heap. Sometimes it takes a little investigation and clicking on links, but you can catch a lot of people puffing up their own importance. Of course, as they love to remind you, they are bloggers with guns and they have plans for us liberals...

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