Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bush Holds Cocktail Hour to Raise War Funds

So today we can only wish that were the truth as Bush demands we shell out $46 Billion More in War Funds. And he's demanding it by the end of the year. The rate Bush is going of course, his little foreign adventures are going to cost a total of $1 trillion dollars by the time his term is up. Yeah, that's more than the total of Vietnam and Korea. The total for this year alone in appropriations will be the highest year since the "War on Terror" began in 2001: $196.4 billion. As Pelosi points out, for the cost of 40 days in Iraq, we could provide health care to 10 million children for a year. Even though Bush insists the war contractors need the money to buy nonexistent troops Christmas trees and pudding, we know the Pentagon doesn't need a penny more until after February and the primary elections. Bush made his announcement at the White House while surrounded by the family of a dead Marine, and exorting Democrats to prove they support the troops. Political theater much? Does this family have granite countertops?

Meanwhile, with the border between Iraq and Turkey heating up, we are faced with yet another Bush lie: that by staying in Iraq we reduce the chances for regional war. Undoubtedly, the presence of US troops gives courage to Kurdish insurgents, who dart into Turkey and back out to Iraqi strongholds which are technically within US borders. The surge of refugees out of Iraq continues to destabalize the societies and governments of countries that surround it, placing an enormous economic and social strain on allies in the region. Relief from them is likely never to come, as Iraqis displaced by ethnic fighting become the new international Palestinians, forever holding an identity with a country to which they can never go home. And after all of the reconstruction efforts in Iraq, the aggregate of the lives of Iraqis is worse than before the invasion of 2003. Far from reducing terrorism, the one last goal clung to by the Bush administration, Iraq has become a proving ground for terrorism tactics, and the successes are exported to Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan.

What does Bush plan to do with this windfall if we give it to him? Get it stolen. Let's take a little peak into the $44.5 billion Iraqi reconstruction effort, and the auditing of just one $1.2 billion contract:
In a January audit of DynCorp's work under the INL contract, [auditors] found that the State Department paid $43.8 million for manufacturing and temporary storage of a residential camp that had never been used. The audit also questioned the State Department's payment of $36.4 million for weapons and equipment, including body armor, armored vehicles and communications equipment that couldn't be accounted for because "invoices were vague and there was no backup documentation." [Auditors] raised questions about INL's payment of business-class travel expenses for DynCorp officials. After INL questioned the charges, it said DynCorp re-paid $108,000. INL officials, according to Bowen's report, "have no confidence that the government has paid for only valid expenses under the contract."

Meanwhile, we find out that Blackwater ducks payroll taxes by calling it's employees "private contractors." Which might go a long way to explain why Blackwater takes no interest in their conduct. Who thinks Bush should get money to pay for this $H!T??!!

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Blogger StealthBadger said...

Scary thought for the evening. China and Japan are dumping their dollar-based investments (as reported on the 18th), Iran is DONE divesting from the dollar, Much of the Arabian peninsula has been divesting ever since the Dubai ports broo-hah-hah, Citicorp is opening banks in China, Turkey is starting to remember that not only was it once the seat of the Ottoman Empire, not only did its people kick ass all the way across Asia (even though they were running from even scarier people than them), not only do they have the world's 18th largest economy and a damned good military, everyone around them is freaking out (or ruled by Putin) and there's no-one else in a position to do anything about it. The way they'd like it done, that is.


*puts on the tinfoil badger ears* It's almost as if Dubyah figured he and his friends could make a killing by driving down the U.S.'s credit rating, then picking up everything in sight on the cheap, complete with ideologically "reliable" mercenary army on the side.

I seriously suspect that using Blackwater as security in N.O. was a trial balloon to get around the posse comitatus statute.


Either A. Bush is a sadistic frat boy who enjoys his awful sense of humor TOO much,
B. Is an evil man who is having fun with how much the country wants to get rid of him,
C. He's a mad despot who will soon come COMPLETELY out of the closet,
D. all of the above, plus he's a total whack-a-loon.

You decide. :D

5:25:00 PM  
Blogger StealthBadger said...

Wait a minute, I just thought through the implications of this again....

Meanwhile, we find out that Blackwater ducks payroll taxes by calling it's employees "private contractors." Which might go a long way to explain why Blackwater takes no interest in their conduct. Who thinks Bush should get money to pay for this $H!T??!!

So you mean the mercenary company in turn hires... independent mercenaries who have absolutely no need for loyalty to anything whatsoever, even Blackwater?

So you mean it gets WORSE???

Boy, isn't this a recipe for success and stability everywhere they go.... -_-;

5:28:00 PM  
Blogger omelas said...

I'll go with D.

And a stockpile of rum. I'd get a pirate ship to sail away in, but Blackwater has an attack cutter these days...

7:54:00 AM  

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