Thursday, January 18, 2007

Understand the Reach of NewsMax

So today I got pinged a NewsMax story from a conservative "independent but I voted twice for Bush so who am I kidding??" friend claiming that the NCIS is giving false testimony in the Haditha trial. The gist of it is that NewsMax claims to be talking to a secret Marine who was there on that day, who claims that all the Iraqi soldiers are cowards and liars. The same NewsMax that turned out to be a major player in the deliberate attempt by Cons to claim that sex freak Rep. Mark Foley was a Democrat instead of what he was, a Republican.

What are we to make of this "veteran Marine intelligence officer" who describes the actions of one Marine, who shoots clearly unarmed college kids and a taxi driver, pumps bullets into their bodies after they have fallen, and then pees on one, as an event which only makes him scratch his head? The language and manner of speech certainly is not reflective of the care and polish we see from veteran Marines who speak to the press elsewhere. Is this guy drunk or just fictional?? Now wait, let's look at the real possibility that NewsMax is making this interview up from thin air.

NewsMax also falsely accused Senator McCain of breaking under torture, despite the fact that it's well documented that he provided no actionable intelligence and instead feed them false information- telling them the Green Bay Packers were his fellow pilots. Limbaugh would go on to twice use NewsMax as a source to smear McCain when the Senator spoke out against torture as a tool for gathering intelligence. NewsMax is also on record for having inflated the Associated Press' initial interest in Limbaugh's pain drug addiction from 1 story to 49 stories. Now there's a miscount.

NewsMax published a false story in 2005 claiming Bono and U2 were holding a fundraise for Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA). NewsMax went on to blatantly lie about its own article. Look at the original and decide for yourself. NewsMax is also the originator of the 2000 false-gossip story that the Clintons were selling their NY house. Currently, the most infamous fabrication by NewsMax had them accusing Clinton of wiretapping Sen. Thurmond. The article has since dissapeared.

Although NewsMax can on a rare occasion correct itself (instead of vanishing exposed fabrications), it will leave the original mistake out there as food for the search engines. Which isn't really correcting a fabrication at all, is it??

My con friend in question has asked that I merely allow for the possibility that this allegation against the NCIS by one lone unnamed Marine is true. He mentions that he first heard the story from a reprint in another blog that has a reputation for vetting their sources. Of course, their source is NewsMax and just yesterday it ran a colomn containing an accusation against Senator Obama that the author has since retracted. How much patience are we to have with NewsMax? If we never hear of this story again, it will become yet another con-myth used to hold up the Marines as martyrs to the evil left, even if they are found guily in a trial by their peers. Whatever retraction Newsmax publishes or not, the popular imagination of the con bloggers will only remember it's headline from today. And speak myth as truth and lie as fiction until people would rather just agree than argue the point one more damn time.

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