Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Canada's Get out of Iraq Campaign

So today Pajamas Media has chanted and burned enough insense to the Whore of Babylon that they have been able to channel the rough draft of Bush's State of our Disunion speech for tonight. Fascinating reading really. The disaster isn't that Bush sent in too few troops to invade Iraq or hired Rummy in the first place, and not that he's failed to secure peace in Iraq in almost 4 years, that he has spent the lives of 3,000 American soldiers just to cause a civil war, but that Democrat's have to gall to point out that he is a big fat failure. The same Pajamas Media that claimed an inside source in Iran who told them that the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei only to get a comment from an Iranian poster saying nope.

Some state of the union speech. Despite plenty of public polls showing the majority of Americans don't support a troop surge (which does sound more like the title of a gay porno flick than a military measure) in Iraq, or that at least when it succeeds, they will be won back into the fold. They also seem to have forgotten that we just invaded an Iranian embassy and took prisoners, that we have gotten real chummy with China even though it still occupies Tibet, and put our hands over our eyes routinely when some bloody conflict claims millions of lives. Say in Africa. Despite the fact that a year ago Bush promised in his State of the Union that we would be withdrawing troops by this time, not to say we'd also be a little less dependent on foreign oil and we are now more so.

Meanwhile, Zawahiri's response to Bush beats his claim of having been elected to the US Congress:

"Don't you know that the dogs of Iraq are impatient to devour the carcasses of your soldiers?" taunted Zawahiri, regarded as the ideological powerhouse of Al-Qaeda who carries a 25-million dollar US bounty on his head.

"On the contrary, you must send your entire army to be annihilated at the hands of the mujahedeen so that the whole world will be rid of your wickedness."

Just to prove how confident Zawahiri feels, he has also declared war on Palestine.

MEN!! I need to get a camera and join the Get Out of Iraq Campaign. Started by one of those Canadians who must be an al-Q agent, is a man who talks about his feelings, and worse, has a pussy.

Liz Cheney is not *cough* a sock puppet of her father in her statement in the Washington Post. Her immortal words outline the facts as she sees the world: 1. We are at war with terrorists and they are going to get you, you personally, yes you on #3428 Eagle Lane. 2. Not supporting the troop surge only helps them get around to googling your address earlier. 3. The American public lies about really disaproves of Bush's War on Iraq 4. Things really aren't worse for women in Iraq these days then under Saddam 5. Iran is looking for a reason to not get nukes, and so would like us to stay in Iraq so that we won't embolden them into nuclear development 6. Liberals can reach through the spacetime continuum and kill American soldiers in combat, so off with their fingers. And tongues for good measure. Liz Cheney obviously hasn't flown commercial recently.

Because yes, let's talk about the key point of attack for al-Q just once somewhere today. You won't hear Bush and his minions mention it of course... public transportation. And what do I mean about flying commercially? Well, you see one day in September these salafistic terrorists walked through the joke of airline screening and, you'll never believe this, hijacked themselves some planes, and then flew them into some buildings. But in order to give you another tax cut, Bush had been undermining airport security to save a buck. The latest indignity is that armed police officers guarding vulnerable public access points to the Baltimore Washington International Airport have been replaced with private "security guards" who are 200+ lbs and smell like rabbit pee, are either asleep or decide to bring their DVD players to their post. Oh yes, fly my pretty Americans, fly! Liz Cheney isn't going to face the consequences of Bush's real retreat from the war on terror.

Can we get away from talking about Iraq for just a few seconds and talk about what Democrats should be looking for as they watch Bush's speech tonight? The Republican blueprint for the 2008 Presidential campaign. No I'm not kidding. Besides the effect of Iraq (and that things may largely be decided based on whether or not we are still there, and if we are not, who puts the best spin on the carcass of that poor country), CNN commentators did make a good point this morning that Presidents are made if they loose the one even one side of the home v. foreign balance of their worldview. What have I already noticed? The Republicans are back to trying to justify their deregulation and pro-business policies as "unleashing the power of the market" to make lives better for working people and the poor. The White House is emailing conservative blogs to create buzz for Bush's agenda, coaching them in their talking points for tomorrow. And 2008. Bush's points are energy, health care, NCLB, immigration, AIDS, Malaria, the Military, and spending reforms. The Republicans are starting chess moves for the next presidental race. So watch, smartasses!!

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