Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Vodka and the State of the Union

So tonight I blog to you drunk while Bush claims to be using every tool and lawful power available to protect Americans and democracy lovers everywhere from the threat of terrorism and I happen to work where it proves he would sacrafice this goal to Mammon. Bush cuts the pay of those who he claims should deserve the support of the American people, he cuts the training and won't pay for the equipment needed, he replaces armed police uniforms for fat and lazy unarmed privateers looking to make a quick buck, still has no adequate identification checking system for flying passengers, and then will stand there in front of the American public and our Congress, and Bush will say he honestly seeks our saftey over making more profit for his rich friends. For the last year at the airport where I am a federal screener I promise you there has been a steady drop in the effective level of screening, due to the harrassment our of work of full-time employees and the hiring of part-time Walmart greeter level workers, who are not competent. Nice and sweet, but dumb as boards.

Bush congratulated a Democratic majority here in the Senate tonight and the Republican minority did not clap in approval of his words. When Bush called for No Child Left Behind to be renewed the Democratic majority didn't stir at all. Now Bush speaks of Iraq and his previously detailed plans for a troop surge, and now no one stirs until he reaches the end of his plan. Bush talks what will likely be the resounding rally-cry of the Right, tested earlier today in the Washington Post by Liz Cheney, that no matter what individual politicians in DC voted previously, they didn't vote for failure in Iraq. Bush is calling for a 95,000 increase in the military in the next 5 years, which is an end of the Rumsfeild doctrine and a return to the wisdom of Powell. Bush is calling for a civilian corp that will give the US military to deploy civilians quickly when they invade countries to set up interim governments and thus avoid the failures of Bremer's tenure. Now we get to a mention of Isreal and Palestine but no ideas. A nod to NATO's presence in Afghanistan but no promises that America will try to clean up the mess we made. A promise to the Right to hold strong in the isolationism of Cuba, and a whisper to the Left that Bush will scold the slaughter going on in Sudan. Bush also promises to consider fighting AIDS in Africa (to counter the strenght Barak Obama might have with black Americans) and also a call for more money to combat malaria. Unlike calls for aid for poor Americans, Bush now does not ask that Congress only find already existing money to support his initiative. Bush is trying to use the emerging Democratic call to prove the spirit and generosity of Americans through our kindness to the poor of the world, the cheater. Pay for your own damn lines, Shrub!!

Now Bush is trotting out a new black Africa citizen of the US who was poor but is now a doctor, but maybe I am cynical in thinking that Bush never hear of this guy until this speech roled around. Now Bush is touting Baby Einstein as a business success as a reason why if none of the rest of us working poor are this clever, we deserve to have our power cut under rising costs and get evicted, or to go hungry, or be ground down under the fear. Now Bush is trotting out Wesley Autrey, so popular in the media for the rescue of one life, and a soldier who was awarded a silver star. No passion, until the soldiers and the heros in the last ten minutes of his hour long monologue, no excitement for this lameduck President who definetly was trying for as much applause as possible. As the commentators are now noting, the Republicans sat on their hands during the sections on immigration worker programs and then also earlier on calls to work against global warming.

24 hours left in office. Thank the Gods!! On the Okay thread of Skiffy that I frequent which discusses Battlestar Galactica and the prospect of useful political discourse, Bush hadn't finished his first moment speaking on Iraq when the leading conservative commentator decried Democrats as being unwilling to seek victory, and that they are false in claiming to support our troops. Not even one minute, despite that no one had yet applauded at all, but the Democrats were "sitting on their hands." Can we say prepared and prearranged canned response?? That poster is a regular contributor to AnkleBitingPundits who once flamed me for pointing out that he was claiming that certain congressional tesimonies said things they did not over Iraq, despite the fact that I could link to the actual documents on the CIA's website. Hah! He was sobbing in less than six months over the fact that this moonbat refused to e-hug him. Hahah!! After a couple of more snipes with no response, he's willing to respectfully disagree!! Maybe there's something to this demand by the public for nicey-nicey between the con and libs if it actually works in practice. On the otherhand, it took more than 6 months for this experiment to bear fruit in an enclosed environment, so it may not translate to drive-by snipers.

Give it an hour and I should not have held my breath: currently the conservatives are in their expounding that we must invade Iran before they get nukes and destroy Isreal, and that there is a wellspring of rising young people waiting to greet us with flowers and prostitutes. We have only to provide the tipping point for their urge to topple their own government. Sound familiar, cause it's the same things that were said about the people of Iraq, and how they would just love us and lay down their arms. De ja...

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Blogger Aaron said...

There's a great wrap-up of the SOTU at the Chimp.


I hope Dr. Maddow gets a nap today.

8:03:00 AM  
Blogger olive said...

First comment!!

And not about me... damn...

This is worse that being asked at a bar by the cute guy if he could have your stool because he'll have more use for it than you.


SmirkingChimp is good though...

I need to post a nice pic like Michelle Malkin I suppose.

1:14:00 PM  

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