Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Maryland is a Crystal Ball for Democrats

So today I will explain to the Democratic candidates for the 2008 what they must not do in the next year, or loose my measly little campaign contribution of all of some $100. Don't scoff! You can buy a whole 1/100th of a second of airtime at 1 AM on a network no one watches, sandwitching yourself in between a commercial for becoming a millionare and a new carpet store. Kerry is excused of course, since he won't be running for President. We'll get to keeping an eye on the Cons, after a little modern electoral history. So listen to the poor moonbat....

Maryland is the United States in miniature, with most of it's population concentrated in Bay Coastal cities, while the rural agricultural areas tend to be conservative, which means there are more red counties but more actual liberals. Industry sector, cities where crime is an issue in counties far away, white sections and black sections, it has a segment of southern counties like the US has southern states. Maryland also sends more people to work in DC everyday than the rest of the country sends politicians. And it's the gubernatorial races that are like crystal ball visions of the presidential election next to be held.

Key to understanding the ousting of the Republican Govenor Earlick and the return of power to the Democrats was that the primaries gave nothing to smear the Democratic frontrunner. That formula echoed through Maryland as Democrats in the primary went out of the way not to campaign against eachother, but only as themselves. Which is why Democrats need to not do as Hillary,in laying groundwork against Kerry when her chief strategist attacked Kerry. This only and ever is handing tomatoes to the Cons so they can hurl them at you. Seriously, children. No it's serious! One of the reasons why the black Republican Steele couldn't make traction against his white Democratic opponent, who had defeated a black Democrat in the primary was because they didn't spend that primary mixing mud for the Cons to sling. Cardin won the Senate seat with the majority of the black vote despite dire predictions by Republican pundits that Steel would win because white Democratic voters had chosen Cardin over his black opponent. But when the votes were tallied, Cardin won by carrying the black vote, while Steele took the white male vote but lost the election. Pay attention: in the next election voters will go for party affiliations over similarly of race with a candidate. Don't spend time calling for a multicultural ticket and open yourself up to the charge of humoring minorities.

Conservatives already expound at length at how the Democrats can be defeated in 2008, and yes you should all be reading these lemon rinds I am about to link here. Cons expect to make it a debate about terrorism v. global warming. Switch from publicly hoping that peace activists will starve themselves to death to attacking military Democrats as cowards. Conservatives will frame Democratic reactions to Republican wisdom and rationality as "sitting on their hands and being too weak to seek victory". I've already come face to face with this "prediction" that the election of the Democrats in 2008 will cause Iran to nuke Israel as surely as if you drop an egg in water it will poach. Given the popularity of the season opener of 24, do not doubt how much this has seized the imagination of conservative doomsayers webwide. You will hear a lot about nukes.

Do the Cons have some nice vulnerabilities to exploit? How about attacking the Constitution so only they will decide who is an American? Paint them with Bush's blatant lie about a disrupted terror plot in 2002 he made just last night in his SOTU. Read up on the nuts and bolts side of the Democratic 2008 district strategy. Pick a pet peeve, but get to your squeaking. Otherwise the Cons will define the world we moonbats fly through with their noise and we'll be left blind.

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