Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Many Enemies of Dinesh D'Souza

So today we endured Dinesh D'Souza whining in the WaPost that liberals are calling him all kinds of bad, meanie names. Apparently, Dinesh has missed that Pajamas Media called him a radical Muslim terrorist, who should be behind bars or in a straight-jacket, and further more is furious that Dinesh failed to notice it's not all a lovefest from the right. Joint Strike Weasel takes the time to expound on the obvious true idolatry-capitalism- of the World Trade Center, and that it was not a gay marriage factory. Dinesh could take his public tantrum to a whole new level to find out that so many of his fellow conservatives agree with The Huffington Post, that he needs a nice serving of shut the frak up.

And a tomato award for gratuitous self-promotion for squeezing in mentions of two other books and some old writings for a college right-wing newsrag, pushing any promotional defense of his new book until half-way through the advertisement. Article as it certainly was not, although the WaPost was obligated to run it after reviewing his "book." Why are so many people of all stripes calling poor sweet Dinesh names over "The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and It's Responsibility for 9-11?" Might have something to do with this little lie he tells, right there in black and white. Dinesh claims that he argues the Left bears some responsibility for 9-11 when his book does nothing but expound the second line of his introduction: "The cultural left in this country is responsible for causing 9-11."

Not some, but all. Some might not have sold copies and gotten him on television, but all is the first step towards page two, where all anti-American hate is part of a diabolical liberal plot, and finally to page eight, where "the suspicion of treason, although distasteful, is inevitable." Dinesh clearly also polished his book to ride to the heights of guest-speaker fees on the coat-tails of the "liberals want the terrorists to win in Iraq" con spin. Although how Dinesh thinks the con-web will love him when he is claiming credit for all of their usual attack talking points, who can say? It might also have something to do with the fact that Dinesh told Colbert that conservative america doesn't even exist, there's only a "traditional america" and a "liberal america." Oh yes, how can the cons love Dinesh when he claims the only political opinion in america is liberal? Ouch.

Hear Dinesh around the little slips also... as he goes on to claim that salafist terrorists hate America because FDR failed to start a nuclear war with the USSR over eastern Europe, thus allowing the invasion of Afghanistan in the first place. Yes, that's right. Dinesh claims liberals are destroying the world because liberals refused to destroy the world. Following the logic there? Dinesh flatters himself if he thinks people pick up his book at Barnes&Noble at the sight of his name, and not the half-burned American flag wrapped around the cover. Dinesh deludes himself if he thinks all of these horrible liberals are playing wack-a-mole with his tender sensibilities in order to keep his book hidden and unspoken of in public. Lies are like weeds and should be pulled out at the root.

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