Thursday, February 01, 2007

Boston Bomb for Sale on Ebay

So today Ebay removed a Lite-Brite that was up for auction #130075321405 because it "encouraged illegal activity" and then flipflopped and the current bid is $610. Proceeds will go towards the legal defense of two messers, Sean Stevens and Peter Berdovsky who in court today pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct and planting a hoax device. See ABC handle this hoax device and survive. Conviction brings 5 years in prison. What the frak did these wholesome boys do? Watch the video. Oh yes, Boston came under seige by ... lite-brites.

Seattle yawned at discovering they were being invaded by these "Mooninites" weeks ago, and phoned Boston with a clue. Bloggers have been following the "Mooninite Invasion" for two weeks before a transit worker (although also reported as a passenger) found one and called in the bomb squad. Now the Boston mayor is on the warpath to convict these guerrilla marketers as wannabe terrorists, when all they want to do is talk about hair. Meanwhile, Adult Swim apologizes like hell.

Avoidable mistake or genuine scare? You can go to Homeland Insecurity, which is a blog that makes me irked to agree with, to compare the Mooninites with an actual IED. Photos of the Mooninites have been available on Flikr by way of an AP photographer, and NYC dealt with their invaders without a blink. At an airport, this device wouldn't have ran up a $500,000 examination bill and would have taken less than 10 minutes to sort out. Whatever, Boston. Switch from espresso to latte, will ya?? And send me an "I Survived the Mooninite Attack" shirt, so I may mock the small brains of your mayor and your govenor in style. And to think so often we moonbats must suffer the accusation that we don't rake other liberals over the coals.

What are we to do with these liberal officials who are encouraging the terrorists and giving them ideas? Don't understand what I mean? They are on television spelling out the perfect new 9-11 plot that's streamlined, cheaper, and leaves you with potentially alive operatives to recycle. Don't actually make bombs and hijack airplanes or whatever; just make fake bombs. Plant them around a city and call into the hotline with a tip, then sit back and enjoy the show, since obviously it's such a tremendous weakness for America's homeland security, to actually have to respond to a threat. Look how we are helpless before cartoon characters. If one city costs $500,000 per scare, and you hit 10 cities once a month.... American won't have the money or the nerve for anything serious. Perfect!! Thanks Boston, for making that clear.

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